Hand made, custom made, made in Italy


«There are 13,000 optical stores in Italy, and we are the only one who make eyewear entirely by hand»



Antonio, the artisan hand, creates the eyewear totally live behind the glass of our shop in Venice. From the cut to the hinges, he digs them into cellulose acetate slabs or zebu, mouflon or buffalo horn.

Our eyeglasses are all unique pieces, made only for the person who will wear them.


There are many customers abroad, where the Made in Italy is very appreciated.



«Those who come don't just want the object, but style advice»


Standardization is, moreover, a word that does not exist in the vocabulary of Andreoni and Battaglia.

The relationship with the customer is as important as the exclusivity of a creation.



«We make our eyewear with the customer and not just for the customer»


Their realization requires about thirty hours of work and is articulated on a very accurate study that goes from the morphology of the face to the client's personality.



In a world where large-scale production is the master, In Barberia optical shop goes against the tide.

«We like to think that the eyewear we produce is the result of research and discussions that we constantly have with those who come to visit us here in Treviso and Venice».